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£ 295.00
CTDBP01 - 4.08 Tonne Towing Pintle FV987958


4.08T Towing Pintle

Class K
D: 30.95 kN
S: 350 KG

4.08T Light Tow Pintle

Suitable for Towing eyey: I.D. 75.00mm
Section thickness: 38 to 41mm
D = 17kN
Lower lock designed to secure jaw in one position or allow it to rotate 360. Lock secured with steel pin & clip.
Worldwide recognition - in use in armies around the world and specified by most military vehicle manufacturers.
With the exception of the 5 tonne Towing Jaw (Part No 201910), Towing pintles are the only products designed to tow trailers fitted with the military 3 inch towing eye.

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