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CTCC13 - Witter ZX304 Cycle Carrier

(Code: CTCC13)
£ 233.33
CTCC13 - Witter ZX304 Cycle Carrier

Quick and easy to fit and remove from your vehicle using a lockable clamp-down lever

Wheel handles on cycle support arms can be upgraded to lockable handles to secure cycles to the carrier

Carrier can be locked to the towball

Simple tilt action allows access to the vehicle boot with bikes loaded

Adjustable wheel holders accommodate most cycle sizes


Supplied with light board and NEW 2 in1 electric plug to accommodate both 7pin and 13pin sockets no adaptor needed

Initial assembly approx 45 minutes

Maximum payload 60kg

Maximum weight per cycle - 17kg

Unladen weight - 20kg

+850mm for ferry dimensions

Price Excludes VAT.